Ronen Siman Tov


1997-1999: M.F.A studies in the Department of Fine Art, The Bezalel

Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

1985-1992: M.ARC. Architecture , Delft University, The Netherlands



The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem-


Solo Exhibitions

2020: ‘Public Responsibility’,  Artists House Tel Aviv, Curator Anat Gatenio (*Catalogue)

2015: ‘Wilt Thou Perform a Miracle in This Place?’, Haifa Museum of Art

2014: ‘Surveyors’, Artists House, Jerusalem (*Catalogue)

‘The Artist as a Detective’, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem

“Arise, get out of the Turmoil”, haMiklat Gallery, Jerusalem

2010: ‘Eyes Shut’, Hagaleria, Paris,.

2010: ‘Maidservant at Sea’, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (*Catalogue)

2009: ‘Wanted’ , Nachshon Gallery, kibbutz Nachshon

2008: ‘Looking for a King’, Inga Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2005: ‘Closeness’, haHeder Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2003: ‘Drawing Installation’, Artists House, Jerusalem

2003: ‘Without Identity’, Municipal Art Gallery, Rehovot

2000: ‘The Acrobat and the Swimmer’, The National Maritime Museum, Haifa (*Catalogue)


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015: ‘The Wandering Jew’, Mané Katz Museum, Haifa

 ‘Journeys’, Israel Museum of Art

  ‘The Home’, haMiklat – Art Shelter, (Manofim Art Festival), Jerusalem

  ‘Salon haKubiya’, (Manofim Art Festival), Jerusalem

2010: ‘Cana’an’, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010: ‘A traverse un circle de regards’, Cité international des Arts, Paris

2010: ‘Entangled”, Art Cube Gallery, Jerusalem

2010: ‘Urban Diary’, Wizo Gallery, Haifa

2009: ‘Identity Games’, Beit Hatfusot Museum, Tel Aviv

2009: ‘Four Rooms’, Artists House, Jerusalem

2009: ‘Body and Shadow’, Dwek Gallery, Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem

2009: ‘Big Spender’, 5- Place for Art, Tel Aviv

2009: ‘Self Criticism’, High Touch Gallery, Herzelia

2009: ‘Midnight’, Studio 22, Tel Aviv

2009: ‘Only a Quotation’, Shoeva Gallery

2008: ‘Face Fragments’ (faces of Jerusalem), Artists House ,Jerusalem

2008: ‘Edges’, The New Gallery, Jerusalem

2008: Manofim Art Festival, Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

2008: Works from the Beno Kalev Collection, Tefen Open Museum

2008: ‘Difduf’, artists’ studios sketches, Seemann Contemporary Art Gallery ,Tel Aviv

2008: ‘Reshamim 3’, drawing Biennale, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

2007: ‘Longings’, (in cooperation with poets’ festival), Yad Ben Zvi, Jerusalem

2007: ‘Too Warm’, the Heder Contemporary Art Gallery Tel Aviv

2007: ‘Why a Hat?’, Ashdod Municipal Museum

2007: ‘Magen David’, Yavne Municipal Art Gallery

2006: ‘Football in the Museum’, Ashdod Municipal Museum

2006: ‘Drawing in Space’, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

2006: ‘Downtown Jerusalem’, Barbur Gallery & Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

2006: ‘Sketch and Drawing’, Technion’s Gallery, Haifa

2005: ‘The Days of innocence- A Change of Reality’, Agripas Gallery, Jerusalem

2005: ‘The Magic of the Circus’, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2005: ‘You don’t look hungry to me’, Limbus Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2004: ‘Tel Aviv Portraits’, exhibited on the facade of Tel Aviv’s City Hall

2004: ‘Sports in Arts’ ,Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem

2004: ‘Childhood Drawers’, Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery

2003: ‘Towards the Caravan’, (from the Beno Kalev collection), Tivon Gallery

2003: ‘Human Rights Week’, The Russian Compound, Jerusalem

2002: ‘Home Sweet Home’, Ramat-Gan Israeli Art Museum (*Catalogue)

2002: He’arat Shulayim’, Israeli Backyard 1997-2000, Jerusalem

2002: ‘He’arat Shulayim’, an Installation of drawings on governmental envelopes, The Underground Prisoners Museum, Jerusalem

1999: Art Focus 3, Biennale of Contemporary International Art Jerusalem;

Bezalel Academy post graduates program exhibition (*Catalogue)

1999: Biennale of young Artists, Rome

1998: “The Garden as a Metaphor”, The Botanical Garden of the Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem


Catalogues and Publishing

2020: ‘The Phoenix’, (Catalouge)  12 series of works on paper, 2000-2020

2014: ‘Surveyors’, (Catalogue)

2010: Contemporary Israeli Art at the Pierre Bergé Auction House, Paris

‘maidservant at sea’, (Catalogue).

2000: ‘The Acrobat and the Swimmer’ (Catalogue)

1999: ‘Art focus 3’ in Jerusalem, (Catalogue)


Awards and Grants

2016: Creative Encouragement Award, Ministry of Culture

2016:Israeli  state Lottery (Mifal Hapayis), Grant for the Arts, funding for catalogue

2014: Shoshana Ish-Shalom Prize for the Arts

2010: Ministry of Education and Culture prize – Cité des arts International,

Artists in Residency, Paris

2002: Rabinowitz Grant for the Arts

1998: The Loti Rostechok Scholarship for M.FA program Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

1996: The Adam Fund scholarship for post-graduate students, Bezalel Academy of art, Jerusalem

1987:  J.M.W Scholarship, The Netherlands.