Ronen Siman Tov

Painting is for Ronen a medium, a tool and a language in which he reports to himself, to his close circle and to the occasional viewer- about the world in which he lives and operates and about his inner world. The inspiration and the subject matters for his works comes from various places: his inner private, spiritual and cultural world, his identity and his social and political standpoint. Ronen is an artist who lives, acts and reacts to contemporary context, being responsive to changes in the artistic scene as well as the political sphere and his own existential being. His works evolve all the time both in their themes as well as in the techniques, and even in the format and the color palettes he uses. As an artist and an architect, Ronen regards painting as a top value medium in the age of 'mechanical reproduction' and virtual reality. (Prof. Yaron Ben-Naeh The Hebrew University, Jerusalem)